Electoral Cycle Support For Election Commission (UNDP In Partnership with UN Women : Women Voters Education & Awareness Media Campaign)

Project Details

  • Project: Electoral Cycle Support For Election Commission (UNDP In Partnership with UN Women : Women Voters Education & Awareness Media Campaign)

  • Client: UNWOMEN Pakistan

  • Services: Strategic Communications & Media Management

Project Description

In collaboration with UNDP, UN Women rolled out its Women Voter’s Education and Awareness Media Campaign. Under ECAP project, UNDP / UNW extended supportto the ECP in implementation of its strategic goals under its five year strategic plan of achieving 63% voter turn-out in the 2013 elections.

To achieve this, it was imperative to engage with citizens, particularly women and girls. The most challenging task in this regard was to develop gender sensitive knowledge products, key messages and Information and Education Materials (IEC) that aimedat changing perceptions and creatingawareness about the importance of women’svote for both men and women.

SAC engaged  well known TV & Radio actor Khalid Abbas Dar – recipient of the “Pride of Performance Award” for a series of Radio Featured Programs which were aired on mainstream radio stations throughout Pakistan. SAC used Khalid Abbas Dar’s 45years old renowned character “MehtabDeen” who has a tremendous radio following specially in the rural areas of Pakistan to educate the rural voters on their rights and responsibilities as voters,  as well as imparting  the importance and the value of their vote. SAC produced 38 radio feature programs in 6 regional languages for voters education and participation.  These efforts were further augmented with SAC facilitating the ECP’s efforts to have these programs aired free of cost as Public Service Messages on 42 Radio Stations nationwide as per the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority’s (PEMRA) rule.

SAC Studios executed a 2minute Music Video “Pakistan Ki BetiiHoo” which was aired on all the major National & Regional TV channels and appealed to the viewers both emotionally and intellectually. This motivational video song was further reinforced in the nationwide media campaign with (2) SAC developed 1minute TV Commercials “App kaVote…App kiAwaz” & “EssVoteKiiMulkto ZaroratHay”.

This media campaign was supplemented by a strategically deployed Outdoor Hoardings Campaign in more than 20 sensitive districts of Pakistan where it was imperative to communicate the message of the importance of women’s participation in the political process and increase voter turnout. SAC is proud to have made its humble contribution towards awareness raising of specially women, youth and first time voters.

In addition SAC exclusively designed and executed IEC materials such as Sling Bags, CNIC Pouches, Standees, Posters& Certificates for this media awareness campaign, which were distributed nationwide. We are proud to have worked on this project of national importance.