Youth Voter Engagement Nationwide Media Campaign

Project Details

  • Project: Youth Voter Engagement Nationwide Media Campaign

  • Client: National Democratic Institute

  • Services: Communication & Visibility Services

Project Description

SAC executed a 2 weeks Media Campaign to engage Youth of Pakistan to participate in the upcoming General Elections 2013.

SAC developed and implemented a Print as well as Electronic (TV & Radio) nationwide campaign with the objective of the “voice” of the Youth being “Heard” in Election 2013. Designing a message around the fact that youth under 30 make up 25 million voters in the electorate and coupling that with the fact that this election was about activating the first time voters, SAC designed a message of “Yes WE WILL BE HEARD” which resonated amongst the Pakistan Youth. 

 SAC developed Print Adverts and got them published in the mainstream National and Regional newspapers of Pakistan targeting a specific demographic and taking the message directly to the target audience.SAC produced a TV Commercial reinforcing the message for youth to come-out and vote on Election Day. Outdoor engagement and activation activities of flyers distribution were also implemented in major cities nation wide, further resonating the message amongst the youth. 

The campaign theme was “Yes…We are the Future” and the Tagline “We will be heard”really was heard. The fact that the young Pakistanis under 30yrs of age make up 25 Million votes was the backbone of the campaign.