“Million Names…Million Voices” Nationwide Media Campaign

Project Details

  • Project: “Million Names…Million Voices” Nationwide Media Campaign

  • Client: UNWOMEN Pakistan

  • Services: Strategic Communications & Media Management

Project Description

Startingfrom 25thNovember International Day Against Violence Against Women round the world, UN Women in collaboration with EVAWG (Ending Violence Against Women and Girls)c an alliance of women’s organizations joined in the worldwide campaign by launching 16 Days of Activism all over Pakistan to start collecting one million signatures of commitment to help end violence against women and girls. While this campaign was launched all over Pakistan, UN Women hosted an event at the Islamabad Convention Centre with the launch of a media campaign and a music video of a specially recorded song entitled “SochaKabhiNa...” sung by NoumanJavaidand KhawarJawad. The lyrics call out to men around the country to listen to the voices of women, engages them to reflect on the atrocities being committed against women and evokes their conscience on the issue of gender based violence in all forms, (physical, emotional and verbal). This song was aired on 11 channels reaching hundreds of thousands of people nationwide and more importantly, reaching this message to the younger generation who can bring about change for the future in their homes, in their communities and in their workplace.

On November 25th. UN Women also had a specially branded coach, painted in purple which has come to be associated with gender/women’s issues. This purple bus started its journey from the convention centre and was driven by a female bus driver! It carried media and some public figures on a symbolic start of the journey to end violence against women and girls in Pakistan. 

Civil society and grassroots organisations around the country had been enlisted to start collecting the one million signatures that was the start of a massive awareness building exercise. People were asked to sign up to a series of actions to make an actual commitment towards stopping the violence. Pop buttons had been made for all signatories so that they may all sport these buttons throughout these 16 days until 10thDecember International Human Rights Day.

The public activities around the nation comprised of young and old, men and women, students, workers of all levels in organisations in urban and rural areas and were  covered by the media as they made their commitments on the cards by signing up to the campaign. These cards are to be collected centrally back in Islamabad and will be used to announce the first one million when completed. This is the first ever campaign on such a massive scale to create such a huge degree of awareness in Pakistan and it is hoped that it will pay off with changing mind sets and eventually seeing a decline in violence against women and girls in the country.